Rebecca Zhang

  • Registered psychologist at New Zealand Psychologist Board and a Clinical Practitioner at DAPAANZ
  • Medical doctor (China), Master's degree in Psychology with Distinction (NZ) and Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Psychological Practice (NZ)
  • 15+ years of extensive clinical experience as a counsellor and psychologist working for WDHB and private practices.
  • Has worked with people of all ages and in individual, couple, family and group settings.
  • Her interest areas in counselling include, emotion regulation (e.g. depression, anxiety, anger), interpersonal relationship issues (e.g. parenting and family relationships), holistic wellbeing and addictive behaviours or substance misuse.
  • EAP provider
  • Age group: 14 and above
  • Fees listed below:

1) Individual Therapy: 210+GST/hour
2) Couple/ Family/ Complex/ Specialist cases: 240+GST/hour
3) Psychological assessment/ Diagnosis/ Report: 300+GST/hour

  • Services locations: North Auckland, Central Auckland

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