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Project Connect is a new initiative led by Asian Family Services and funded by the Ministry of Education’s International Student Wellbeing Strategy. The project aims to address the gaps that exist in the provision of support for Asian international students with mental wellbeing and social integration into New Zealand society.

The goals of this project are to promote intercultural interactions, foster links between international students and the community, and to provide information on health, safety and support services.

Webinar 1: Supporting Your Mental Wellbeing as an International Student
Personal wellbeing and mental health are very important to a healthy life. Find out how to stay happy, healthy and safe as an international student in New Zealand.

Supporting your mental wellbeing as an international student, topics include:
• Tree Model - Migration Journey and Adjustment Difficulties,
• understand and recognise the symptoms of stress,
• time management skill,
• stress management, and
• mental health and wellbeing.

Webinar 4: Intercultural Communication
Communication is more than just the language itself; it also involves cultural etiquettes and nuances that often are not taught in education. Hence intercultural communication plays a key role in our daily life and with some basic skills it will help you to navigate New Zealand society confidently. You will have a better understanding of different cultures, recognise cultural blind spots, and it may even help facilitate better cultural adaptation to another culture, such as New Zealand.

In this webinar you will have the opportunity to
• Gain knowledge and skills to develop cultural awareness in navigating New Zealand society
• Learn how to break down cultural barriers and build cultural awareness
• Enhance self-awareness and communication skills
• Enhance your ability to negotiate in different situations.

Webinar 5: Health and Safety
At Asian Family Services, we understand the significant challenges faced by international students. One of these challenges can be how to keep yourself safe, both physically and psychologically and to maintain good health while studying in New Zealand.
Join us to hear from experts from this profession: representatives from St John, NZ Police and a student services insurance advisor on health and safety in New Zealand.

In this webinar you will gain knowledge on:
• Car accidents - what should you do?
• Personal safety, keeping yourself safe whether you are at home or out and about
• Health and travel insurance and tenancy issues for international students

Webinar 6: Real People Real Journeys (toward employment in NZ)
At Asian Family Services, we understand the significant challenges faced by international students. One of these challenges can be securing employment in New Zealand while pursuing higher education.

In this webinar, you will gain knowledge about:
• Moving from being an international student to employment, based on former students’ experiences
• Career development
• The different career paths the speakers have taken
• What to consider and what action needs to be taken to enhance your employability, while pursuing your higher education in New Zealand.

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