Asian Family Services Annual Report 2021

There is no doubt that this year has again proved challenging. But it has also showed us how we can work differently and how we can reach our Asian people through digital platforms, providing innovative services throughout the country.

We have achieved this by increasing our workforce capacity, sourcing funding, delivering new projects and services, and by advocating for our people’s voices and frontline stories to be heard by the funders and decision-makers who set strategy and policy. I acknowledge it has been a tough journey for all our staff and contractors who have worked tirelessly and provided the best care possible in this difficult and uncertain year.

I am proud that we have secured many new services over the past 12 months including the Digi Language Support Service, and the Wellness Services health improvement practitioner and health coach roles at Apollo Medical Centre, contracted by Comprehensive Care.

We have had many achievements over the past financial year, as highlighted in this report starting on Page 27. We hope you enjoy reading this and thank you for your ongoing support of our service.
I continue my commitment to advocate for equitable, culturally, and linguistically appropriate services for all Asians living in New Zealand, and I look forward to another fantastic year with AFS.

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PGF/AFS/Mapu Maia Anual Report 2021 Final

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