A Suicide Prevention Resource for Chinese People

In our Cantonese video, AFS invited Dr Sai Wang (Consultant Psychiatrist), Dr. Elsie Ho (Associate Professor at the University of Auckland), Dr. Gary Cheung (Senior Lecturer in Psychiatry) and Patrick Au (Asian Mental Health Services, Central Auckland) to share insight about suicide harm.

For our Mandarin video, AFS invited Kelly Feng (National Director of Asian Family Services), Ivan Yeo (Deputy Director/Public Health Lead of Asian Family Services), He Zhang (Psychologist & Senior Addiction Practitioner) and Kun Zhang (AOD Clinician, Project Lead at Te Pou) to share insight about suicide harm.

We also released a comprehensive report called, "Report on the development of a suicide prevention resource for Chinese people, September 2018"

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Cantonese Mandarin Chinese Suicide Prevention Resources Report 2018


Suicide Prevention

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