The Aotearoa Poster Competition Kiwis Together – 2020 – Chinese Kiwis


The main aims of the project are to respond to the heightened racist sentiments and activities towards Chinese people in New Zealand sparked by the COVID19 pandemic by:

  1. helping to reduce Chinese racist behaviours by raising awareness, discussion and promoting positive behaviour (real world and online) about what people can do when they witness anti-Chinese racist behaviour to enact and reinforce the social values of Aotearoa New Zealand as a diverse and inclusive (non-racist) society.
  2. running a publicly profiled poster competition that helps Chinese communities by:
  • fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion with increased support offered by bystanders when racist behaviour towards Chinese people is witnessed.
  • signalling and promoting New Zealand's inclusive social values with respect to Chinese international students and other temporary visitors to our country.

Behaviour suggested for witnesses to consider are:

  1. Calling out and naming the bad behaviours (in a non-confrontational way)
  2. Expressing support/concern to the Chinese person being targeted
  3. To act and speak in ways that remove the social support the perpetrator thinks that they have
  4. To act and speak in ways to engage others nearby to join in and further reduce the social support the perpetrator thinks that they have.


For English poster

For Chinese poster

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