Winner Tian

General Manager
  • A 1.5 generation Chinese New Zealander born in Xi'An, migrating to Aotearoa New Zealand when he was 8 with his parents. 
  • He has had a rich and diverse career before joining Asian Family Services. He was a Clinical Audiologist for over a decade, working within New Zealand and abroad across all areas in the industry. 
  • With a passion to contribute towards system change, he completed a second Master's degree in Health Leadership, specialising in Health Management. This led to his most recent role as a Senior Consultant within the management consulting sector. 
  • During the time of his Health Leadership degree and as a management consultant, his research into alcohol and drug harm amongst Asian New Zealanders led to the first ever large-scale national survey looking into this field and enabled a partnership between Asian Family Services and the New Zealand Drug Foundation.
  • Being of the 1.5 "in-between'' generation, Winner has an innate understanding of the trans-generational challenges our Asian communities face living in Aotearoa New Zealand. 
  • Although these challenges often arise from differences in values (between parent and child, between new and long-term migrants, between cultural and ethnic groups), he believes ongoing, effective ways to address these challenges will also stem from these values. 
  • He looks forward to bringing his experience to Asian Family Services and helping its people to grow.

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